[Webinar replay] Your proposal is not a story (and 10 tips for telling effective proposal stories) | Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Join Lisa Pafe and Beth Wingate to learn why you should approach your proposal from multiple entry points, rather than writing and reviewing it like a novel. Understand how to take advantage of corporate and employee stories to reinforce your value proposition.

You’ll gain insight into how evaluators score and rate your proposal, why stories improve your score, and how to create stories that substantiate the discriminating Strengths of your solution.

We'll provide 10 proposal story tips that you can put to use immediately to craft winning proposal narratives.  

Who should watch: Anyone involved in solutioning, writing, and reviewing proposals should watch this webinar.

Register below to watch the webinar replay and download the presentation - and learn 10 tips for telling effective proposal stories.

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