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How to prepare for the APMP Practitioner Objective Test Examinations (OTEs) | Lohfeld Business Winning Webinar

Proposal and Capture professionals wonder which APMP Practitioner exam is best for them—Proposal Practitioner or Capture Practitioner.  

The Objective Test Exam (OTE) format used for these exams is very challenging, and potential exam takers need strategies to prepare.  

Join Lisa Pafe and Beth Wingate as we help you get ready for the APMP Practitioner exams. We talk about the:

  • APMP Practitioner certification program
  • Differences between the two Practitioner exams
  • Philosophy behind Objective Test Exams—and what they’re really testing you on.   

We delve into details about the two exams—structure, syllabus, format, and some really important logistics, and we review testing taking tips! 
Who should watch: Proposal and Capture professionals interested in achieving Practitioner certification 

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