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Target the right IDIQs and GWACs (and win your share of task orders)

BD, capture, and proposal professionals face many complexities with the proliferation of multiple award vehicles. OMB and OFPP seek to consolidate these vehicles, while agencies like GSA and HHS look for new procurement methods such as prime-only past performance, Agile procurement, and self-scoring. To add to the complexity, once companies win IDIQs they may never realize any significant revenue.

In this webinar, Lisa Pafe discusses recent trends and how to target and win the right GWACs/IDIQs for your company. Lisa also reviews capture and proposal processes that help win task order proposals. Don’t waste your Bid & Proposal (B&P) dollars on empty contract vehicles! Learn how to identify the best multiple award vehicles for your company, win the GWAC/IDIQ, and then pursue and win task orders.

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